We bee-lieve your shoes deserve better!

Shoe Storage

Customise your space, one shoe box at a time!

Whether you need to tidy your ‘floordrobe’, want to protect your ‘special occasion shoes’ or want to showcase your unbee-lievable shoe collection, we know you’ll love our range of Bees Knees shoe boxes. Why? The benefits speak for themselves!

  • Stackable – strong and stable
  • Easy access – drop-down front opening
  • Protect – avoid dust and damage
  • Clear – find the right shoes fast
  • Ventilated – keep shoes fresh
  • Easy assembly – simply clips together
  • Before

  • After

Customise to Your Space

Shoe Box sizes

2 sizes - Regular & Large


Fits most Shoes up to: Women's US 11 Men's US 9

18.6cm (H), 22cm(W), 32.5cm (D)

RRP $7.00


Fits most shoes up to: Men's US 13 Women's US 14

18.6cm (H), 27cm(W), 36.5cm (D)

RRP $8.00
Assembly Instructions

Snap together in 3 easy steps

Tub Storage

Create stacks more space, one box at a time!

The Bees Knees storage tubs are perfect to store and stack everything from kids’ toys to sports equipment and more.

https://www.bees-knees.com.au/wp/media/2019/02/tub-storage-thumb01.jpg https://www.bees-knees.com.au/wp/media/2019/02/tub-storage-thumb02.jpg

See through, stackable & strong

  • Designed for strength with see through clear plastic
  • Unbreakable in built handle design with textured grip
  • Durable lid that won’t warp or sink
  • Fully stackable for efficient use of vertical storage

Three handy sizes

  • Large

    RRP $15.00
  • Medium

    RRP $10.00
  • Small

    RRP $7.00
About Us

The story


Here at Bees Knees, we went on a mission to find affordable storage products that both worked and looked great.

Our first challenge was to find a product for shoes that ‘ticked all the boxes’.

We searched the world and almost gave up. Then the answer became obvious –

design it ourselves!

Now we are proud to bring you our new range that is simply the Bees Knees of shoe storage.



  • Jordan

    “The Bees Knees shoeboxes are a great solution to clutter and smelly shoes. This is as it keeps them in good condition not bending the shoes. It saves space and time always being able to find both shoes because they are in the same box.”

  • Jay

    “These boxes are the best things ever! They are so sturdy, easy to use and they look great!”

  • Emalie

    “The boxes are really simple to put together, they look fantastic and make organising my wardrobe a breeze! They really are the Bees Knees.”

  • Kelly

    “I love my Bees Knees boxes! They have definitely made my shoes neater and easy to access with the flip down lids!”

  • Hafsa

    “I am so happy with these shoe boxes, they have been incredibly helpful in helping me organise and clean up my shoes”



The Bees Knees range of storage solutions is available exclusively at

Please check with your local store for availability.