We bee-lieve your shoes deserve better!

Shoe Storage

Customise your space, one shoe box at a time!

Whether you need to tidy your ‘floordrobe’, want to protect your ‘special occasion shoes’ or want to showcase your unbee-lievable shoe collection, we know you’ll love our range of Bees Knees shoe boxes.
Why? The benefits speak for themselves!

  • Stackable – strong and stable
  • Easy access – drop-down front opening
  • Protect – avoid dust and damage
  • Clear – find the right shoes fast
  • Ventilated – keep shoes fresh
  • Easy assembly – simply clips together
  • Before

  • After

Customise to Your Space

Shoe Box sizes

2 sizes - Regular & Large


Fits most Shoes up to: Women's US 11 Men's US 9

18.6cm (H), 22cm (W), 32.5cm (D)

RRP $7.00


Fits most shoes up to: Men's US 13 Women's US 14

18.6cm (H), 27cm (W), 36.5cm (D)

RRP $8.00


The Bees Knees range of storage solutions is available exclusively at

Please check with your local store for availability.

About Us

The story


Here at Bees Knees, we went on a mission to find affordable storage products that both worked and looked great.

Our first challenge was to find a product for shoes that ‘ticked all the boxes’.

We searched the world and almost gave up. Then the answer became obvious –

design it ourselves!

Now we are proud to bring you our new range that is simply the Bees Knees of shoe storage.

Assembly Instructions

Snap together in 3 easy steps